Rosamond CA internet going down daily

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I live in Rosamond CA and have been a customer for 4 years without issues. However, during the last week there have been multiple internet outages lasting from 3-12 hrs everyday without notice. Is there some sort of new hardware installation work in progress causing this problem? I pay $130/month for this service and it definitely is an inconvenience when everything you use like the TV, thermostat and other appliances are controlled by the internet.

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    Good morning and welcome to the community @ALinCA,

    I certainly understand the inconvenience caused when a house full of smart devices doesn't have a connection. Service interruptions can occur for a variety of reasons and in most cases aren't planned events or within our control, but are always investigated as soon as possible as they occur to determine the issue and make any necessary repairs. Planned maintenance work can occur typically during overnight hours, but depending on the work, may be done during the day as well if needed. There is usually notice provided of larger scale maintenance, which may come through your preferred communication methods or on the bill statement.