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jbh1755 Posts: 1 Newcomer

We had a power outage last night and now there is no sound in our TV. There is image, and on non-cable channels (e.g., YouTube, Netflix) there is sound.


  • Haley_B
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    Hello @jbh1755 and welcome to our community!

    We're sorry to hear that you are experiencing a sound issue with your cable service. Is this happening on a cable box or on the Spectrum TV app? If this is on the cable box, please review all connections to the cable box and TV, check the settings on the TV and cable box to ensure that the sound settings were not changed or reset after the power interruption, and finally reset the cable box by unplugging the power cable for about 30 seconds before reconnecting. If this is the application review the settings on the TV/streaming device and application, reset the power to the TV and/or streaming device by unplugging for about 30 seconds before reconnecting, and reset the modem and router by unplugging the power cable(s) and disconnecting the coax by unscrewing it for about 30 seconds before reconnecting.