VPN issue after updating my router

vmorgan1968 Posts: 2 Spectator

I updated my router a week ago. I have since tried to connect to my office computer through my VPN. I keep getting a General Routing Encapsulation error.

I have spoken with my company IT person who states that the VPN is working fine on their end.
I have also contacted charter who says that the router is working fine. However, I continue to receive this error.

Any suggestions?


  • RAIST515O
    RAIST515O Posts: 127 Contributor

    Firewall may be blocking GRE protocol.

    May be a page that lists various protocols to allow passthrough... need to make sure the ones used by the VPN (ie: PPTP, IPSEC, L2TP) are enabled/allowed. In many cases most should be "safe" to open up, but can google each acronym (SIP, ALG, etc.) if you are unsure.

    Here's the page on an Asus demo router: