CBS out again


Why is CBS constantly experiencing "technical" difficulties? It is out every other day.

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    Good Evening,

    Are you getting a message from the station? Or are you getting a blank screen when you tune to CBS? How do you watch TV? Through the cable box? XUMO Streaming? Spectrum App? website?

    I would recommend a reboot of your equipment on which the problem occurs. Turn off the equipment for a few minutes and unplug it from the wall or surge protector. Than reboot. If the problem is not resolved or comes back in a few days, I would suspect a signal issue or your drop line is causing problems with CBS. You will need to contact Spectrum to schedule a tech visit for a signal or drop line test. When the tech is there, tune to CBS so that he/she can take a signal reading. The tech will need to check your outside drop line and inside cable wiring. If you have any splitters connected, they can reduce signal strength by up to ninety percent, and can be a source of these issues.