Auto convert SD Channel to HD is not working after cable box replacement

sprill Posts: 37 Contributor

This is more of a comment to help others.

After getting my cable/DVR box replaced (two tuner), by a Spectrum tech, not sure of make/model of box, my TV was showing a black box surrounding the picture. This, of course, was after the tech left. I spent about 45 minutes on phone with tech support trouble shooting this issue and they tried various things to try and fix it without success. They sent another tech out who tried various things to fix it also without success. He ended up replacing the box again and it my picture was fine when he left my house, This morning the issue returned. Spent another 30 minutes or so on the phone with tech support. They said it is occuring becuase my new box has newer software. They would need to sent another tech to my house with an older box. Seriously!!!!

While waiting for the tech, I stumbled onto and found under Menu, Settings & Support, Preferences, Guide Setting, and option for "Auto-Tune to HD". Turned it on and Voila- fixed.

Why two tech people, on the phone, and two techs, sent to my house, did no know of this option just blows me away. And, why would this option be in "Guide Settings" and not under "Audio & VIdeo" which is also under "preferences". I don't think this option has anything to do with "Guide Settings"

Hope this will help someone else.