Intermittent outbound email

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Good morning. i have an account On my iphone sometimes the emails go out, sometimes they dont. no rhyme or reason that i see. Please advise. thank you.


  • William_M
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    Hi @TexBen, welcome to our community!

    Sorry our email hasn't been working consistently for you. Do you get any error message when they fail to send? Does it make a difference if you are connected to WiFi or using mobile data? Will you check to make sure you are using these email server settings?

  • ChrisBugg
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    I have the same issue with outbound email from iPhone14. From my email address the issue is sporadic but from my wife's address it is a permanent issue. The account is setup properly and has been verified but outbound emails just sit in the outbound box. I've tried all of the suggested remedies without success. Deleted the account on iPhone and re-added after changing password and this did not work at all. Really frustrating. Would appreciate a solution. Thanks.