Spectrum no longer passing through native broadcast resolution?



I have been a Time Warner/Spectrum customer for over 40 years. Last 8 years on the current equipment. I have always had all three resolution settings enabled in the box settings so as to pass through the native broadcast resolution of the network. This has always worked. Sometime after 4/14/2024 this all changed. Nothing in my settings have changed, however, virtually all channels are coming in as 720p, even the ones that are supposed to be 1080i. The service tech thinks it might be an Arris update to the box, which he said was out of their control. I looked at the extended diagnostics for one of the channels that should be in 1080i and it says the "input resolution" is 720p. Sounds like something upstream. If anyone has any idea what is going on or how to fix it, it would be most appreciated.



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    I agree with the service tech, if it was a software update push nothing that you can do. There was an update to the Arris-210 about three weeks ago. What model box do you have? The Arris-210 is a world box without the clock on the panel.

    I have seen the older boxes where you enable all four resolutions, or you set it to Auto, or the Highest Resolution that the channel supports. If you set it to the highest resolution that the channel supports, it will still say 1080i even if the box is outputting to 720p. I don't think on the no clock World Boxes that the resolution can be changed.


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    My World Box 210 does offer resolution choices of 1080p, 1080i , or 720p and has offered them for some time. The STB application was last updated 2024-93-19.

    Menu > Settings & Support > Preferences > Audio & Video > Video > Video Resolution > Select Resolution

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    Edit: If it's an Arris DCX running the i-Guide software, hit up the off-line user settings and make sure that the Output setting (right below the TV Type setting) is still set to Native and then jog down to Native Mode Settings and hit OK and see if 1080i is still one of the formats that the Arris box is detecting as being supported by the TV and let me know what you find out.

    Otherwise please name the channel and post an image of the "extended diagnostics" showing the "input format."