When will Spectrum allow Samsung Galaxy S24 devices?

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With the pre-orders purchased directly from Samsung already arriving to users, still can't add these to Spectrum. I swear I ran into the same issue when I purchased my S21+ when it came out. Had to switch carriers. If you can preorder the phone from Spectrum, how come those that already have the phone can't add it?

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    Hi @Snofire, welcome to our community!

    Unfortunately there's no date available for when you will be able to bring your own s24. There may be difference between phones even of the same make and model which could affect it's compatibility with Spectrum. The only way to see if a device purchased elsewhere will work with Spectrum Mobile is entering the IMEI at the eligibility check, so is intended for devices you already own.


  • Snofire
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    I have checked the eligibility and it says it is compatible but when trying to add it (even by someone from Chat Support), both are unable to add it.

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    Did you ever get it activated? Have you tried to just swap in a physical Spectrum Sim? Reports of esim issues with the new S24 have been common. Last time I activated a new Unlocked Samsung on Spectrum I had to use a physical sim to get it to activate.

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    Yes I did get it activated on 1/29 as they sent me a SIM card. Took about 45 minutes for them to get it to work and somehow deactivated my wife's SIM card on her phone, which ended up just rebooting and it was fine.

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