I’m extremely disappointed in the Xumo app

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I’m extremely disappointed in the Xumo app. I feel like I’m back in the 70’s playing pong. I have to reset my box several times a week. No up and down to change channels. Have to enter the number. Cannot delete apps I don’t use. If I’m recording a show, I have trouble viewing it. Freezes or is blurry. Have to wait until it’s totally recorded. Even then I get a code saying it’s not available at this time. Doesn’t connect. I have to set my input every time I turn my tv on. When I hit the input button, I need to scroll through all of the apps because there is no way to scroll backwards to the input I need.

With a company as large as Comcast, I can’t believe you would have partnered with xumo. Their product is archaic and vastly inferior to other streaming apps that are out in the market. I am recommending to everyone looking for a streaming app, to take a long hard look before signing up for this service. Frustrating and not intuitive or user friendly. Basic commands are nonexistent.

I don’t know how much longer I can put up with this product. I’ve been a Spectrum customer for many years. This horrendous product is forcing me to look elsewhere.


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    Try an Apple TV 4K. I got one recently, and I love it. It's wicked fast and very stable. You can even pair it with a programmable universal remote (I use an Inteset 422) and get channel up/down buttons, which the Apple remote doesn't have, and can create a macro for returning to the previous channel. Unfortunately, it doesn't recognize number buttons, but the previously mentioned features along with the "recently viewed" bar in the Spectrum app make it bearable. Plus, no problems with changing the input. Full HDMI-CEC support makes that automatic. It also works with Bluetooth headphones, if you have them. The only problems I have are with the Spectrum app—it doesn't retain my guide or startup channel preferences.

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    Welcome! I simply encourage customers who have problems with the Xumo streaming box to go back to a traditional DVR service, and many have done this. Traditional DVR service is more reliable, doesn't freeze up, and can pause live TV. I would give XUMO another two years before being ready for prime time. The potential is there, but it's not ready for broad distribution. If you have a regular DVR box on another TV and you approach XUMO as a Beta product, than try it out at your own risk. But I would never ever use an XUMO as my only box. It's just too buggy.


  • Jris23
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    The Xumo app is beyond tolerable. It’s like going back to the 70s. Playing pong. No up down to change channels. Won’t connect. I have to go to input every time I turn it on. Can’t just go to the proper input. I have to scroll though all of the apps ( most of which I don’t subscribe to) No way to delete them or go back. Only lets you go one way. 75% of the time when trying to view what’s on the DVR I get a “ unable to complete request” Error code XSTRP-999. Managing recordings a nightmare. Cannot delete a recorded series. Must delete each recording individually. App seems to have been developed by a first year developer. Charter should be ashamed to have their name associated with this fiasco. From what I’ve read on your platform, there seems to be no answer to all of these problems. We’re paying for a grossly inferior product. I’ve tried rebooting the router and the Xumo box. FRUSTRATING!!!

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    And the Spectrum App does not support surround sound, only PCM! I'm keeping the DVR connected to the home theater receiver until this is resolved. Ridiculous!