Why can't we enter channel numbers?


I use a programmable universal remote with my Apple TV 4K (3rd generation, tvOS 17.4). It works great, except I can't enter channel numbers. Why doesn't the Spectrum app support this function on Apple TV? Two people I know have Samsung smart TVs, and they can enter channel numbers in the app with their aftermarket remotes. Even Spectrum's own streaming box, Xumo, can do this. Why not on Apple? If Spectrum wants people to switch to streaming, they need to support this basic, longstanding TV function on all platforms.

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    Good afternoon @lenf67,

    The Spectrum TV app on each device is designed for use with the original equipment of that device. Since the original Apple TV remote does not have a number pad to input channel selections numerically, it would not be supported on after market equipment. -Mo


  • lenf67
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    Except that the Samsung TVs also don't have number pads on their remotes—they're meant for streaming. Yet the app accepts number inputs from third-party remotes in that case. Please explain that. Also, as I noted, the Apple box works with universal remotes, so it would seem to me to be a simple matter to add support for numeric input.

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    All TV sets with ATSC tuners support ATSC channel number tuning. Edit: while some cable and satellite provider-proprietary streaming devices support remote control channel numerology exclusively for their own proprietary app/lineup (e.g. Spectrum TV app running on Xumo) most if not all of the rest, including Apple TV, don't at all.