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Security Suite

Julia_R Posts: 4,661 Contributor
For more information > Security Suite Features

Security Suite uses advanced real-time cloud-based technology to provide the fastest protection against viruses, spyware and other malicious software.

Do you have McAfee?
Do these instructions not match your experience? Learn more about support for Security Suite by McAfee.
McAfee Support

Automatic Virus Removal: Antivirus
Security Suite automatically removes infections found on your computer. You’ll receive a notification that confirms your continued safety. The service runs invisibly with minimal impact on system resources. Learn more about scanning options available for Windows and for Mac.

Security Suite for Mac offers a user-friendly firewall to protect your private data. The firewall feature allows only safe internet connections and prevents unauthorized access of your computer. Security Suite works with Windows Firewall software to secure your private data and prevent hackers from breaking into your computer.

Multi-Computer Protection
As a Spectrum Internet customer, you can install Security Suite on up to ten Windows or Mac computers. Learn more about managing multiple devices.

Browsing Protection
Security Suite offers Mac and Windows users browsing protection evaluates the safety of website and prevents you from unintentionally accessing harmful websites. If you try to visit a site that’s determined harmful by F-Secure, the site is blocked.

Antibot Scanner
Spectrum’s AntiBot Scanner can be run on Windows computers to detect and remove malicious software. AntiBot Scanner isn’t compatible with computers running Mac OS. Visit Apple support to learn more about protecting your Mac.

Online Parental Controls
Security Suite parental control options enables you to set time limits, monitor web surfing activity and block inappropriate or harmful websites. Learn more about managing Security Suite parental controls for Mac or for Windows.

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