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my 5G network has disappeared

Lizf Posts: 1

I was checking connections on my Roku and when I logged in to my desktop, I noticed that my 5g network had disappeared. I can connect to it on the Roku and my cell phone but not on my desktop. How do I restore it? I have an UBEE DDW36C router/modem. Thanks.


  • karlbeckman
    karlbeckman Posts: 2,285 Contributor

    Since you can still connect your Roku and cell phone, the 5GHz WiFi in your Ubee gateway is working.  The issue is probably with your computer, especially if you received a Microsoft update in the past few days.  You need to have Windows recreate your home network setup. 

    Another possibility is that one of your neighbors has updated their home LAN equipment and selected the same 5 GHz channel that your Ubee is using.  If that's it, one of you gets to pick a different 5GHz channel.

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