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Resuming an On Demand Program

eznoheznoh Posts: 42 Contributor
edited December 2022 in Legacy TWC Archives: 2013- 2020 Jan 28, 2020

Doesn't seem to be any way to resume an on demand program. My last service had a "keep" option which downloaded the program and remembered where you where. 



Best Answer

  • SatchSatch Posts: 4,950 Contributor
    Jan 28, 2020 Answer ✓

    @eznoh wrote:

    Doesn't seem to be any way to resume an on demand program. My last service had a "keep" option which downloaded the program and remembered where you where. 



    Hi Mike,


    You should have access to On Demand programs for at least 24 hours.  This is typical for Movies on Demand.  Some shows up to 72 hours.  This is included on the order screens of the guide before purchasing the movie.  


    All cable box guides should have the ability to resume On Demand Content for the duration of the time period when it is viewable.  Generally to control the viewing of On Demand Content:


    1.) Order or View any On Demand Content.


    2.) Change channels if you wish or pause the content.  To get to On Demand menus quickly, press the On Demand button on your Remote Control or simply tune to the On Demand Portal Channel/ On Demand setting through your remote.


    3.)  The On Demand Channel or screen overlay showing the On Demand options should have an "In Progress" option and a list of On Demand shows in Progress.  (Screens will vary, based on the guide software that is on your box.)  Guides might have a list saying "In Progress" or "My Library." Select your On Demand Show being watched.


    4.) You will want to select the In Progress option, or the show title itself .  You should be given the option to either resume or restart the program.


    5.) Can you select an On Demand program, and provide a screenshot of your cable box guide tuned to the On Demand Content? This way, we can see your guide, and someone with your guide can help determine if there are steps that you need to take, or if this is a bug?


    6.) Is this happening on Free On Demand, or Premium Channel/ Pay-Per View Movies on Demand, or all three types of On Demand content?






  • eznoheznoh Posts: 42 Contributor
    Jan 28, 2020

    It must have been over 24 hours. By the way, there should be a way to get the release number of the guide without having to post a picture, this should be in guide settings.



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