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Cloud DVR - Moved from TV Essentials to Spectrum Gold (no box)

TruValor Posts: 1 Newcomer

I've been internet only customer for a couple years.  Added TV essentials (stream only on Apple TV) with Cloud DVR add-on  and was actually pretty happy with the integration with Apple TV and the quality of the service.   So much so, I decided to upgrade to Spectrum Gold for more channels.  I still have no cable box, using Apple TV and Spectrum app only.


After the upgrade I lost Cloud DVR.  I talked to customer support and said it's only available to streaming.  Well, I am only streaming.  And, according to the Cloud DVR FAQ, ( existing cDVR customers will be able to keep using cloud-based recording after upgrading to Spectrum TV service.


From FAQ:

"Can I keep using cDVR if I upgrade my service to include Spectrum TV? Yes, existing cDVR customers will be able to keep using cloud-based recording after upgrading to Spectrum TV service."


I would really like to use this cloud DVR like it says I should.  I'll pay the add-on.  Any spectrum folks know for sure this can't be done.  I don't want a cable box.  The service is the same I was using yesterday, with more channels and no DVR.... seems doable.




  • Julia_R
    Julia_R Posts: 4,661 Contributor

    To have this reviewed we encourage you to contact our Social Media Cusotmer Service team for escalation.


    Please reference your post here and contact us via Facebook or Twitter. 


    Twitter: @Ask_Spectrum



    Julia R

  • cp0015
    cp0015 Posts: 22 Participant

    It would seem that "Spectrum TV" and "Spectrum TV Stream" are both different services on whether or not a Rented Cable Box/DVR equipment is needed to receive them.


    Spectrum TV Stream:  For Spectrum Internet "Only" customers without  "Spectrum TV" cable service. It has Cloud DVR included for playback access, but availabiilty of channels are somewhat limited to popular selections such as CNN. It requires your own device such as PC (viewed in a web browser on  ) or mobile device (download the " Spectrum TV App ").


    "Spectrum TV" cable service (standalone):  This requires a Rented Cable Box/DVR equipment with a connection to your HDTV set to view them. With a full availability of TV channels based on what you subscribed/ paid for.  DVR recordings are stored Locally and can only be watched on that rented equipment (not your own device). The Spectrum TV App or  can be used, but only when connected to your Spectrum Internet service for full channel access or on the go for limited access) for Live TV or On Demand (no DVR playback but can manage recordings tied to Rented one). It does not require Spectrum Internet service (for those using another Non-Spectrum Internet provider) however either in-home or on the go will still be limited access.


    Both different services can allow use of "TV Everywhere" Channel App/Sites (such as WatchESPN, DisneyNow, etc.) when login with your Spectrum TV username and password. Whichever TV service you choose based on what channels are needed or the cost of renting equipment goes for everyday watching.

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