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New voice mail alert does not clear

XyzabcXyzabc Posts: 3
edited December 2022 in Legacy TWC Archives: 2013- 2020 Apr 11, 2020

Spectrum Voice Mail and Voice Zone.  This’s problems occurs often.

The portable phones and base set receive their signals from the modem.

they repeatedly show I have New Voice Mail and continue to alert by blinking. Voice Zone, and the base unit do not have any messages to serve up.  I can only guess the Spectrum voice mail server is out of sync.   All methods to clear messages on all devices has not worked. Resetting the modem is a temporary solution.  The alert always returns.  

Anyone experience the same?



Best Answer

  • XyzabcXyzabc Posts: 3
    Apr 11, 2020 Answer ✓

    Panasonic Solution.

    Troubleshooting - The handset displays "New Voice Mail." or “Voice mail msg. via phone co." or "Voicemail" or shows a Voicemail icon. How to clear it.


    Voice mail is an automatic answering service offered by your phone service provider. After you subscribe to this service, your phone service provider’s voice mail system answers calls for you when you are unavailable to answer the phone or when your line is busy.  When a message is recorded a notification is displayed. 


    Normally this notification is automatically cleared after you listen to the message.


    To listen to the message, dial the Voice Mail number provided by your service provider/telephone company (for most cases, this will be your own phone number), and follow the voice instructions.


    If you have listened to all your voice mail messages and the handset still shows the Voicemail indicator the indicator can be manually cleared.


    There are several ways to clear the message.

    • On the handset by pressing and holding the [#] button until the unit beeps.
    • On the handset by pressing and holding the [Clear] button until the unit beeps.
    • On the handset by pressing and holding the [OFF] button until the unit beeps.


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