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Cable channels small

Chancy20 Posts: 1 Newcomer
I just got the silver package and now the channels that came with that package are small?? I can make them fit the screen by zooming in, but then all my regular channel are to far zoomed in? How can I make this channels fit the screen? I have a flat screen tv


  • Satch
    Satch Posts: 5,310 Contributor

    @reds91185 wrote:

    You are likely seeing HD channels showing on the screen this way due to your tv picture settings. What tv make and model do you have? There should be an option within its menu to adjust picture to "full", "auto", "native", or something similar depending on brand.

    Agree with Reds,


    Also check the settings on your cable box. Make sure that the highest resolution for your TV is selected.  Output Resolution should be 1080i  This will affect high-defintion channels only!  Make sure that Aspect Ratio on your box is outputted to 16x9.


    Another Setting to check on the box is Display,  Your choices here will affect SD channels only!


    Normal- Puts SD channels in their normal Aspect ratio of 4x3 as designed for older SD sets. (Black bars on sides of screen.)


    Stretch- Stretches an SD broadcast to fill the screen with no black bars on the sides of SD channels. Some shape distortion, but the screen is full view.


    Zoom- Zooms in on the screen with the correct aspect ratio, but the top and bottom edges are cut off slightly on SD channels.


    You should also make sure that you have an HDMI cable connected to the back of your set.  Without an HDMI Cable or Component Cable, you will never have HD, even if you have an HD set.  Typically, the proper cable in the back of the set, and adjusting the picture settings through your box should resolve these issues.


    What is the make and model of your cable box?  What Guide do you have? See here:

  This link may contain data to help with picture settings as well.  Post back!




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