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I just got a Xumo box and am trying to figure out a couple of things: 1) When I'm in You Tube or movie apps I'd like to pause the movie. It there a pause button/option somewhere? 2) Is there a way to customize a home page so it just has the list of apps I want to access? I could move apps around in Roku, not able to do this here. Wondering if there's a user guide somewhere?


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    Hello @APH

    Welcome to Community Forums and thank you for being a Spectrum customer! I am happy top assist with your Xumo questions.

    When you are streaming in apps, you would use the OK button (which is the circle button in the middle of the remote). Pressing that button will pause/unpause your stream. At this time, there is no option to customize/modify your home screen.

    You can find the Xumo User Guide here:

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    We also just installed Xumo boxes today in exchange for our old Spectrum DVR boxes. I have been trying to figure out how to pause and rewind live TV. Is this not possible? Also, when I’m in the Spectrum App Guide and I want to look at a description of a show, is there an “Info” feature that I can read more about an episode or program?

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    There is no option currently on any device using the Spectrum TV app to pause/rewind/fast forward a live TV stream. Those functions are currently only available on a physical cable box for live TV. It can be done with recordings and on demand content only for the Spectrum TV app.


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    Thank you. I hope this is a feature that Xumo/Spectrum will consider adding soon.

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    You're welcome! We are a very much looking for this kind of feedback about our new product.

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    I agree with what has been said.

    I can't believe that there is no way to pause/rewind or fast forward live tv. This is a feature that I used often on my dvr/cable box. I would have thought that this would have been a feature that was listed as a requirement from the beginning. As has been said, hopefully this feature is added.

    I also would like to see scrolling by page added as well. Again this is something i would have thought would have been a feature from the start.

    I truly hope that Spectrum did not rush this to market vice taking the time to ensure that all features (or most anyway) would be functional on the Xumo.

    I am torn on whether to keep this or return to a fully functional box/remote.

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