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Just replaced a DVR and a HD box with two XUMO devices. Encountering strange issue: when I am watching a tv channel and using the round Navigation pad - click on “3 o’clock position “ bring up the guide on the right side of the screen and select a different channel (or exit it back to the same channel), the sound volume is normal for about 1 second, then is extremely soft for about 30 seconds before elevating to normal volume.

However, when I select a channel from the Guide that is displayed when I scroll down the home page, no sound delay at all.

Spoke with Spectrum support - had me reboot the box and try a different HDMI cable - no luck. They are sending a Tech to my house Monday with new boxes.

Also did online chat with XUMO support - had me reboot the device as well as so a factory reset (but of course it did Updates after I powered it back on).

Seems like a software issue…

Has anyone else run into this? Solution?


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  • Michael_Z_52
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    The issue resolved itself today (day after I installed the XUMO boxes). It turns out that I had enabled Voice Guidance, but it was not working correctly. Instead of hearing the voice guidance information, it was 30 or so seconds of just about silence.

    Figured this out today as when I turned the TV & XUMO box on the voice guidance was now working. Went into Settings, Accessibility, and turned voice guidance off (once I heard the guidance I realized I didn’t need it). Sound works fine in all cases now!

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