How to fast forward a recorded show?

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Since the Xumo remote did not come with any instructions, I am wondering how I can fast forward/rewind a show that I recorded.

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    Good evening @lcalig412 and Welcome to our Community forums

    Thank you for reaching out to us about your Xumo box. Once you have the show playing you can press either the right or left arrow to fast forward/rewind. You can find more helpful hints by visiting Exploring your Xumo Box Please let us know if you have any other questions. -Lyn


  • SusieColorado
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    I get confused about if I am on Spectrum or Xumo when I record now that I don't have a DVR recorder and now have a Xumo box. When I am in a recorded program and try to fast forward or rewind in the circle part of the remote ( I have no right or left arrow), I get a menu when I press to the right to fast forward and I get nothing when I press the left side of the circle to try to rewind. I see no option to pause.

  • Bill_7162
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    Once you are in the recording press the center of the round button in the middle. That will pause the recording. Once it pauses you can then use the right or left button to fast forward or rewind the recorded program. Took me awhile to figure it out as there are NO clear cut instructions. Hope this helps !

  • blackbutterfly
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    I want to scream everytime I hit the right circle button and get the guide when i'm trying to fast fwd a recording or on-demand program. You have to remember to press the middle button first! Seems like it should be automatic in playback mode. Please...can this be fixed?

  • Islander1963
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    The spectrum app on Xumo is garbage. To not support pause and rewind and fast forward is far inferior to the set top dvr. My streaming service at my other home is DirectTV Streaming and I have cloud dvr service. That service allows me to pause rewind and fast forward while watching any live show, from any of my streaming boxes.

    There is absolutely no reason that Spectrum cannot simple automatically record whatever you are watching, allow you to pause and fast forward, then delete that temporary recording when you change the channel. DirectTV saves whatever you are watching for up to the last hour so that you can use these features.

    If spectrum service wasn’t part of my condominium, I would dump it and go with DirectTV Stream.

  • GaryGo
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    The problem is indeed with the Spectrum app. The app just has a lousy FF feature. And, the Spectrum app does not provide automatic rewind of live TV. I am experimenting with how to do this by starting a recording.

    You can watch the Spectrum app with Roku, and the fast-forward works a little better. But not much better, just a little easier to avoid forwarding all the way to the end of a title before you can stop it. On Roku, you can watch your cloud DVR titles, and record to cloud DVR.

    The Xumo remote has a numeric keypad, so you can easily swap between channel numbers. The Xumo remote supports voice channel changes, although you have to be specific about the channel name, and it's hard for me to remember the call letters of my local network affiliates.

    My Samsung TV's Anynet+ feature has trouble with the Xumo box. A Samsung window pops up that must be closed with the original Samsung remote (or the window closes after a minute).

  • StephK
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    When I try to watch something recorded on the cloud DVR with Xumo box and want to fast forward. The picture stays on the paused image and the timer moves forwad which makes me have to guess when the commercials are over which is extremely frustrating. Is this the way it is now?

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