Why does Xumo get blurry and buffer constantly on Spectrum App?

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Had the Xumo delivered from Spectrum on FRI - found continuous buffering and blurring on the Spectrum app. Spectrum came out and replaced my old Spectrum router with a new Spectrum router. Other apps on the Spectrum-provided Xumo work fine - but the Spectrum app gets blurry and buffers constantly (exactly nine times in a span of 15 minutes - including several 2-minute buffering). Prime Video app worked fine on the Xumo - no buffering. There is obviously a problem with the Spectrum app working on Xumo.

Yes, I have rebooted the modem and router several times. Yes I have high speed internet. Should I delete the Spectrum app from the Xumo and reinstall it?


  • sailsdd
    sailsdd Posts: 3 Spectator

    Additional info....Spectrum app works fine on my Rokus. Other apps work fine on the Xumo. Spectrum app does not work well on the Xumo. What's up? Next steps?

  • James_M
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    Sorry for any issues with the Xumo. Are you getting an error code on the Xumo? Does the issue happen on live tv, recorded tv or both?

  • sailsdd
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    Issue not resolved. Worked fine two or three nights this week. Issue is back tonight. Clearly there is an issue with the Spectrum app on Xumo. Spectrum app is not buffering on Roku. I had to reconnect the Roku because of the buffering problem with the Xumo. I am not the only one - this problem is prevalent on the internet. What is the fix? Deleting spectrum app from the Xumo? Somehow refreshing the Spectrum app on the Xumo? If this problem persists I will have to reconnect the DVR - glad I did not ship it back yet.

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    I do apologize for the ongoing issues. Do you get an error code eventually or just it just buffer/is blurry? Does this happen on live TV, recorded shows, or both?


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