Will there ever be a way to change channels with numbers on remote? Also how do I make cloud dvr wor

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    Hello and welcome to the Spectrum Community!

    This would depend on the device you are using with the app. For example with the Roku they would need to make a remote that works with the Roku that has number buttons on it. Most devices that use the app do not have a remote with numbers as they are devices that access multiple apps and not all apps work the same. The Xumo does have numbers on the remote along with voice commands which can be easier to use than most remotes that come with streaming devices.

    As for the cloud DVR you would need to subscribe specifically to cloud DVR service. Then you would go to the guide select the show/program/movie you want to record and the options for recording are there. The other way would be to search the show/program/movie and follow the prompts.


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