New modem - en2251 - phones won't work now

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Got a new modem tonight... en2251. Hooked everything up. Internet works fine, but no dial tone on phones in the house. I can call the house number from my cell and it just rings - nothing at the actual house. Power, internet, and voice labels on the front of the en2251 are all solid blue - which 'should' mean everything is good to go.

When I initially hooked up this new modem nothing worked then I realized I had to call in and 'activate' it. The auto message said something about within 10 minutes the internet and voice would be active... well, internet is fine and it's been a few hours, but nothing with the phone line yet.

Yes, the line is connected properly to line #1 on the new modem.



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    I do apologize for the issues with the service. I was able to find your account using your profile information. I did some refreshes to the modem. Can you test the home phone now?


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