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I've noticed allot of users in this forum have experienced the same problem that I have been experiencing. The spectrum TV app constantly goes blurry. My Internet speed is pretty consistent. All the other apps work fine. I'm fact I still have access to YouTube TV for a few more days and it's clear as a bell. It has to be the spectrum app itself because it's the only app that goes blurry. Has there been any progress in fixing this issue?

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  • William_M
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    Hi @BryanK, welcome to our community!

    A blurry picture is caused by internet connection issues. The live feed through the Spectrum TV app will be more sensitive to a poor connection than other apps which can load content in advance to show you during times of buffering. This means lowering picture quality to maintain a connection. I was able to locate your account with your community registration and I see repeated bitrate drop which I am confident is the cause of the issue. Will you please try rebooting your modem and router, and make sure there is nothing close to the router that could cause radio interference?


  • BryanK
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    I've gone through all the trouble shooting steps. I've rebooted the router, the modem, I've reset the TV, I've uninstalled and installed again. YouTube TV delivers live streaming perfectly. The only outlier is the app itself. Judging by the plethora of customers complaining about the exact same issue, it appears to be an app problem that spectrum has no desire to fix. I love the Internet and mobile service, but I'm gonna have to drop spectrum and go back to YouTube TV because the picture on spectrum is unwatchable. I can get better picture with rabbit ears.

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    Hi @BryanK

    I appreciate you trying the suggestions out and I am sorry that didn't help out. Our app does communicate directly with the modem and therefore could be the only app impacted by a signal concern. I would like to try and update and reset things on our end. This may take your system down for about 10 minutes. Please let us know when it would be a good time to do this. - Lyn

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