My box is stuck on L-3

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I unplugged it, waited one minute and replugged it. It went through all the stuff, then came back to L-3. I did this twice and it wont go off L-3. I checked all connections


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    My box came back on yesterday and was stuck on E-3 due to the terrible storms and a three day power failure. Your box is going to be stuck on L-3 for much longer than expected because so many customers are getting back online. Our area at one time (since Friday Night) had over 100,000 power outages Service came back yesterday.

    Best thing to do is to go to My Account. Log in and find your TV Services tab Go to the tab and scroll down to "Manually Reset My Box." Leave the Window open and do the box reset through the on-line process. When it gets to L-3, let it sit..... And sit....and sit.... My box, which normally boots up in a few minutes took about a half an hour. But we were at a friend's house because we had no power or heat. When we came back home, the box was stuck on E-3 after having tried a reboot when we were out. Reset it online.

    You may think your box is stuck on L-3 when it's not. L-3 is what loads all the guide data. This can take awhile if your equipment has been offline for a long time. Especially if thousands of people are effected.

    If after like an hour of it being on L-3, call Spectrum as the service may still be down in your area, even if your power is back on, this takes so long because everyone is recovering from a multi-day power outage.


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