Packet loss recently started and has been persistent

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I've had Spectrum for years with no problems gaming. But starting about a week ago (I can't remember exactly what day), I've been experiencing intermittent packet loss, which has impacted online gaming (League of Legends).

It's not constant, but it happens 10 or 12 times an hour, and regularly enough to impact most games.

After the problem started, I've been pinging to watch for packet loss, and it happens for Google at the same time as League.

I don't know what the next steps are to troubleshoot this.


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    Hello @Gyro and welcome to our community!

    With packet loss, there can be a few reasons for this. Is there any troubleshooting you have completed? Is this primarily happening on one device, or multiple?

    Restarting the modem and router, restarting your computer, and connecting your computer directly to the modem are great places to start with troubleshooting.

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    It's happening on my computer and my roommate's computer. Both are connected to the router via ethernet.

    So far I've tried these steps:

    • Restarted router and checked the settings.
    • Restarted the modem.
    • I ran a tracert but wasn't sure what to do with the results.
    • Turned on QoS for the game.
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