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I know it's been said to death about some things that are wrong about the Xumo but I will say it again. The Xumo is pretty cool I have been using it since it first came to Spectrum. One thing I hate more then anything is the remote not having RR or FF buttons and what you have to do to RR or FF. I hate it so much when I am going to watch something I know I will be using FF I will just play it on Roku just to avoid what you have to do on the Xumo. On the Xumo you have to press the select button then the left or the right button depending on what you want. It's so confusing I can't tell you how many times I forget to hit the select button before I try to FF. I do not know why they did not add FF and RR buttons to the remote. I just don't understand it and don't get it it's stupid. Xumo is all over the news that it will take over and replace the cable box. I just don't know how or if it can with something stupid like two simple buttons that we have been using for years missing. Whoever reviews the Xumo and news sites why don't they mention this as a bad thing and something that might hold them back. Am I making to much of a big deal over this is it really not a issue? I like how small and light the remote is and by adding buttons might make it bigger so that's why they did not add them. But if you ask me they could remove some current buttons and make room for FF and RR. The press and left method just doesn't work we used the FF and RR keys for years our minds are so programd just pressing one key to RR and FF we just for get what we have to do on the Xumo.. I really hope they come out with a media remote. Am I making to much of a big deal over this? They say if it ain't broke don't fix it. And this is what they did.


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    My two cents worth, I think it's a big deal too -- that rewind and fast forward buttons aren't on the remote. I made a similar post that they just need to skip the step to hit the select button first (to pause) then hit ffwd or rwd. Like you said, our minds aren't trained that way. It seems like it would only take a simple program change to fix. I'm glad to see your post because I was beginning to think that I'm the only one that's annoyed. There aren't too many complaints. 

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