Blocking Spam Risk calls

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It seems ludicrous that Spectrum can identify a call as a spam risk, and still let it go through to annoy me. I have turned on EVERY feature that you have to make this stop. MAKE THIS STOP. And the limit of 30 numbers that are blockable barely cover a day's worth of spam nonsense. Come on, Spectrum .. you are more savvy than this. Stop this madness. You know it's a problem, EVERYBODY knows it's a problem. You RECOGNIZE it as a problem with known spam. Block it for God's sake


  • Haley_B
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    Hello @justken2u and welcome to our community!

    We appreciate your feedback and will certainly pass it along. As for the spam calls you are receiving, call guard does not stop all potential spam calls from getting through, only alerts you that it could potentially be a spam call. If the call is indeed spam, we do advise reporting this as a spam caller. Furthermore, enabling features such as accepting selected callers or block anonymous calls may help as well. You can find more information about our phone features and dial codes on our site.

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