What do I do if I turn on my xumo and get a blue screen that isn't going away

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I hadn't used my xumo device for a while cause I needed a new remote I got it today and turned on the device and got a blue screen I unpluged it and pluged it back in it did the quick setup it does when you unplug it nd plug it back in but thats it then wen't back to the blue screen I pressed a button on the botom of the device holding it for a little as it started then it started doing the normal bit that it does when you plug it in and not long after it said updating after it finished it worked fine pretty sure it was I helf the button after unplugging and plugging it in. either that or cause I tried somany times that it did an update not sure

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    Hi @waycomp2002, welcome to our community!

    If you have any further issues that are not resolved by rebooting I recommend a factory reset.

    To Factory Reset your Xumo

    Open Settings

    Select System Management

    Select Resets & Updates

    Enter your parental control PIN if necessary.

    Follow the onscreen prompts until your see the screen go black.

    Once the factory settings are restored, you will need to go through reactivating your Xumo Stream Box.

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