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My first comment is that I was completely disgusted with Spectrum's "policy" when a family member calls in to discuss the death of a loved one (their account). To be clear, this was a $19.99/mo landline phone account. I was asked by the first rep to speak to my father even after I told her that he passed away. Therefore, I asked to speak to her supervisor. I found "Zach from WA state" to be robotic and insensitive. I was furious about how he would not even explain things to me AFTER I HAD PAID THE BILL FULLY THE DAY BEFORE. There was no balance due. There was no customer service. It was disgusting. However, I guess you should commend him for being unwavering and adhering to the policy you created. This is what Spectrum wants and got. I can't accept that the most basic form of humanity was absent during my call. Please do apologize to Zach for my rude tone. I definitely fell from grace while speaking to him last night.

Second comment: Therefore, I planned to go to a Spectrum store in person with my father's death certificate to discuss the account and end all future business with Spectrum. I went to 8332 Pineville-Matthews Rd Charlotte NC 28226 store last night. I was greeted by Ryon, Eric and Robert. They were kind, informative, and cared about getting my affair rectified. Because of them, I decided to continue business with Spectrum. You should thank them and make their supervisor aware.


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    I am so sorry for your loss. I understand the frustration with our policies when you are contacting us on behalf of a family member. I am also sorry to hear about your poor experience on the first call. While our goal is to protect customer privacy, it sounds like we fell short in providing basic empathy, and I apologize.

    It also sounds like Ryon, Eric and Robert were able to address your concerns, and I am glad to hear that you have decided to continue to choose Spectrum as your provider based on your experience with the store team.

    I was able to locate your account using your registration information. I will certainly forward your feedback regarding the team at the Pineville-Matthews Road store, as well as have have our leadership review the original call for training, coaching and quality opportunities.

    Please let us know if we can assist further, or if you should ever need assistance in the future.