Why am I being asked frequently to change my password?

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Every month I seem to have to change the password. Out daughters watch our spectrum when they are at college or away for vacation. They aren't home offten and we travel a lot too. So please tell me why in the last 5 months all the sudden we have to change our password all the time


  • James_M
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    Hi and welcome!

    The Spectrum TV app is limited to two simultaneous streams for each unique set of credentials while outside of the home network (on home network is unlimited). If you have more than two, you may be prompted to change the password. This is a security feature and can not be changed or overridden.

    One alternative is to create additional profiles for each user outside the home network by logging into your Spectrum account, selecting "More" -> Settings ->People and adding additional profiles for any location out the home by creating unique username and password credentials for each profile. This will prevent the additional log ins from being flagged, and should reduce the frequency that you are prompted to change the password.

    Let us know if this works for you or if you have any other questions.

  • Bk4354
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    i, too, have to change my password every 30 days. I was told it was because I don’t use Spectrum Internet. She said if I changed over to Spectrum Internet I wouldn’t have to change my password every 30 days. This sounds like extortion to me! Basically what Spectrum is saying - use our internet, or be inconvenienced every 30 days. Believe me, if I could find another TV app that aired the shows I watch, I would change tomorrow!

  • William_M
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    Hi @Bk4354. The restriction is due to license agreements with location enforcement, which is done by verifying if you are connected to your home network. If you don't have Spectrum Internet, we can can still provide a no charge modem to provide internet specifically for the TV app so that you won't have this problem. Please give us a call at 1-855-707-7328​​​ to discuss your options.

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