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I need paper statements

I want to convert my account and to receive a in mail paper statement, I attempted to get them online however I am only able to get the year 2022 ?

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    Hello & welcome @hueb!

    First, we did want to let you know that your user name was modified to align with our Community Guidelines in order to protect your personal information. After reviewing the guidelines, if you want to select something specific to change it to, please let us know.

    You mentioned you only see statements in your online account for 2022. Based on the user name you originally selected, this appears to be due to logging in using the profile attached to a former account that is not currently active. The newer profile you have set up would use the domain, although it looks like you recently accessed both to update contact information. You can manage your paperless billing selection by following the instructions found here. If you need past paper statements, you can print them from the correct online account, or request printed copies by contacting us. Statement copies can be billed at $1.99 each for active accounts. -Mo