Does my plan cover Alaska and Canada?

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    Hi & welcome!

    Mobile service includes the entire United States, including the non-contiguous states (Alaska & Hawa'ii) and some territories (including Puerto Rico).

    Roaming in Canada (listed below) is $.01 per megabyte or $5 per day per device for the Global Day Pass and is Free with Unlimited Plus. Roaming in Mexico is currently offered at the same rates as Canada.

    For a little context, I used my Spectrum mobile last summer in Ireland and the UK @ $.01 per megabyte (which equals $10 per Gigabyte). I used two devices pretty liberally for directions, navigation and getting general information. My total for 9 days was $28.00 (2.8 GB), which I felt was an awesome price and coverage was excellent. I did use WiFi when it was available, but overall was very happy with the pricing. I did set up alerts if I went over 5GB roaming data, but they were never needed.

    Depending on your planned usage and length of stay, your best deal may be to use Unlimited Plus, which would be an extra $10 per month per device. You can always switch plans back, if you are not currently an unlimited plus subscriber. Otherwise, if you are not planning to use much data, then the $.01 per megabyte option may be the more cost-effective option. You can monitor your usage using the My Spectrum app.

    You can find more information at the links below, including how to enable International Data Roaming on your device.

    Let us know if you have any other questions!

    Spectrum Mobile International Roaming

    Mobile International Roaming Rates

    Currently as of 5/1/2024: