2nd modem for failover

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My firewall (Firewalla Gold SE) serves as my router. It has a provision of having input from another modem usually connected to a different provider. Since the only recurring problem I've had with your service is your modem needed to restarted more frequently than acceptable (as often as a week apart), I was considering adding my Arris SB8200 to a cable splitter and connecting it to my firewall's failover port. The problem is I noticed a post here from last year that you do not permit 2 active modems. Is that still the case? If so, I'll have to replace your modem with mine, or find another failover method. Thanks in advance.

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    A long time ago you used to be able to go online and reactivate the last modem used on the account. Wan't the greatest solution, but it made it easy to swap back for testing and such.

    IDK if the information is still retained like that under Spectrum now, so you may still have to call in to give them specific details to swap them out.

    The bigger question is, what is going on with your signals that is requiring the reboots?

    If it is a line specific condition or something off upsteeam, using a different modem is not necessarily going to improve tings.

    Have you had a technician on site to inspect things yet? If so, did they make changes? Did they have to file for an escalation to another group?