Service is out but no outage according to app

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My internet service in San Antonio, FL has been out for hours. A service technician came out hours ago and said it wasn’t just my house. I just checked the app and it says there isn’t a service outage in my area. Now I don’t know what to believe. Was he wrong or is Spectrum not properly reporting a broader outage.


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    Hi & welcome!

    Sorry for any service issues. Looks like the technician referred this issue to our Field Maintenance team for investigation. This suggests that while you and some of your neighbors are impacted, it does not meet the criteria for an outage, because all of your neighbors or all services are not impacted. Looking at our diagnostics, it does appear that while internet is impacted, tv / digital video is not impacted. It sounds like there is something happening at either the node or head-end level that needs to be addressed.

    If the issue is not resolved in the next 24 hours, please let us know and we can investigate further.