Very Frequent Ping Drops

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Hello all,

I already had two technicians from Spectrum coming in trying to solve the issue, both of them replacing certain parts, or cables. However, the issue persists, even though everything was fine for the first month. First of all, I have a Router model SAX1V1R, and a Modem model ES2251. I cannot connect the computer directly to the modem, since it's in a different room, but there have been no issues with that in the past.

What do I need to change? Will switching to a different provider make a difference?

Thanks for all your help!!



  • Kiesinho
    Kiesinho Posts: 2 Spectator

    I just connected my ethernet cable through my entire apartment. The ping drops are gone, seems to be a router issue, not the modem. How could the technicians not notice that? Is it possible to have the router replaced to fix the issue? I really can't be using an ethernet cable, and I'm mostly working from home, so I depend on steady connection. Should I contact support once again or go out of the way and get my own router? If so, any advice which one I just get? Thanks!

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    Hi @Kiesinho, welcome to our community!

    I'm glad you were able to narrow down the issue by testing with ethernet, that helps rule out issues with the modem and wiring. If you're using the service to work I highly recommend finding a way to stay connected with ethernet, but we still want to figure out what's going on with the WiFi. While there could be problem with the router, it could just be an issue with the WiFi reaching or being interfered with. Our technician most likely did all testing on ethernet and on WiFi close to the router. Have you tested to see if you have these same issues on WiFi while in the same room as the router? Have you tested on more than one device?