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Constant buffering and freezing of app on new Roku TV

207Maina207Maina Posts: 3 Newcomer
edited August 2022 in Legacy TWC Archives: 2013- 2020 Jan 18, 2020

We installed a new Roku smart TV after Christmas (TCL brand) and have had freqiuent and persisting problkems with the Spectrum TV app---freezing, buffering, error code RLP-1999 (unable to complete request).  Other devices  in  the same room never have wi-fi signal problems.  Other apps on the new TV work just fine, with no freezing, good picture quality, etc. A TV in another room that has a Roku stick has never had problems with the Spectrum app.  As suggested by a TCL coustmer service rep, we've tried removing the app, powering off the TV, powering on, and reinstalling the app.  Didn't help.  Have checked signal strength on the TV and it says it's good.  Any other ideas?


  • Julia_RJulia_R Posts: 4,661 Contributor
    Jan 19, 2020



    Buffering is an indicator for a connection issue. Does the TV do the same thing if it is hardwired to the modem? 


    Julia R

  • 207Maina207Maina Posts: 3 Newcomer
    Jan 20, 2020

    Modem is too far from the TV to hardwire it, though I suppose I could move it to test it out.  If there's a signal problem, why would it only show up on the Spectrum app?  All other streaming services work well with no freezing or buffering--Netflix, PBS kids, CBS, etc.  I see that many other people have noted the same problem with the Spectrum app, so I'm not alone!

  • Julia_RJulia_R Posts: 4,661 Contributor
    Jan 20, 2020

    I am not made aware of the technical reason, I can tell you that Roku TVs, Xboxes and especially Samsug TV sets are particularly susceptible to quality issues due to problems with Wifi or overall connection issues. 


    If the modem has signal issues, or if logs show repeated T3 timeouts or even T4 timeouts, a problem with FEC or if there is a wireless interference issue those devices may suffer more from picture quality issues and loading of the app. 


    I encourage you to check your logs and FEC data. 


    If you would like direct support with this we encourage you to contact support. 

    Our Social Media Customer Service team is available 24x7 and can review those things with you.


    Twitter: @Ask_Spectrum






  • mwalsh5757mwalsh5757 Posts: 9 Participant
    Jan 21, 2020

    I've noticed that our Roku TV is more prone to buffering the Spectrum app (and only the Spectrum app) than the Roku Express boxes we have.  I suspect that it's a combination of a less capable Roku chipset in the TVs and a quite finicky app.


    One thing I noticed when getting my Internet dialed in was that buffering was more prevalent on the TV when the Roku in it showed Wi-Fi signal strength as "Fair" and have cleared up dramatically (all but gone) once I  had improved it to where the signal showed as "Good".

  • DurhammerDurhammer Posts: 2
    Feb 09, 2020

    We've had this very same issue (including at this very moment), both with TCL Roku TVs and Roku streaming sticks. Spectrum folks say they don't have any reports of the problem. Yeah, right. Don't seem to have ANY buffering or freezing issues with the Spectrum TV app on my Android tablet (its stream is maybe 1 minute ahead of the TV app, FWIW). Don't have any problems with other live streaming services on the Roku or TVs either. What's your app version and build information? (And if you never have the problem, what's YOUR Roku Spectrum TV app version and build?) -Jim-

  • TLConnollyTLConnolly Posts: 1
    Feb 14, 2020

    We're having the same problem when running the app with a Roku streaming stick.  The issue is fairly new - started the third week of November.  Also, it's only the Spectrum app.  It worked fine for about a year and half or two years prior to this.  Something is up - maybe the app updated and there's a glitch in it?

  • 207Maina207Maina Posts: 3 Newcomer
    Feb 16, 2020

    Spoke with a  Spectrum rep.  yesterday and she confirmed that Spectrum is well aware of the problems with their app on Roku devices and with Samsung TVs, and that "they are working on it."  She said the problem was with newer Roku TVs and devices, and that very large numbers of people are affected.  I had told her we had no problems with the Spectrum app on another TV using  an older Roku stick.  I also told her we'd bought a signal booster to try to help, and that it didn't change anything.  We still get buffering and freezing, though maybe slightly better today, and messages keep coming up that our signal isn't good.  The Spectrum rep reassured me it was nothing we are doing or not doing., which is a nice change because previously they were blaming the modem, or the distance of the router to the TV.

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