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Reference Code DLP-1999

I can’t find this error code on spectrum’s list but I’m trying to load the app on my Samsung tablet but this is what I keep getting. The app opens but does nothing. I just updated the app; is this the problem? Is it no longer compatible? Help please.


  • I'm having the same problem on my Samsung Galaxy Phone.  When I go to the Spectrum app all I get is a turning circle and then some time I get the DLP-1999 code.  My Android version is 7.0 so there should be no issue.  I tried chatting but the idiot just told me to get closer to the router even though I'm like 12 feet away.

  • Julia_R
    Julia_R Posts: 4,661 Contributor

    @Qawilliams @dhtxdkh 


    That is an issue with buffering/timeout. What speeds are you seeing? Does this happen on your wifi and on cellular data?


    Julia R

  • Just on wifi although my routwr show signal is very strong. Cellular data iwith Sprint is fine.
  • How do I know the speed?
  • Julia_R
    Julia_R Posts: 4,661 Contributor

    If you are not having problems on cellular data that also points to connection issues within the home/wifi.


    You can use a speedtest app like or our website


    I would encourage you to begin a thread in our connectivity section with more information about your set up. You can reference /DATA-TO-POST-TO-GET-HELP-FROM-THE-COMMUNITY  for information that would help your peers investigate. 


    Julia R

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