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Welcome to the new Spectrum Community!

If you are new to the Spectrum Community, we are glad you are here! If you’ve visited us before, welcome back!  We have some exciting changes to talk about and we wanted to take a couple minutes to go over the highlights:

  •  We had a vision for how we wanted the new community to look and feel. 
  •  Our Community is now available to all Spectrum customers.
  •  The goal was an inclusive community. We are happy to announce that the new community has been designed to be compatible with accessibility software used by individuals with disabilities. 
  •  Content was imported over from our former site, and we did take this opportunity to archive older content and reorganize.  

 We have transferred your log in information and profiles, if you have registered previously. New members can register using your Spectrum credentials. Please visit the Community Guidelines before posting your first question.

Our Shared Strategy

The Spectrum Community is a public area for peer to peer support where customers and employees can exchange ideas, ask questions and create valuable, relevant content in order to support an enhanced customer experience and foster trust in the products and services we provide.

Some of the changes include:

  • New look, feel and URL including an enhanced, user friendly navigation on desktop and mobile
  • Category Icons and Quick Links on the home page for easier navigation
  • Announcements and Messaging for important topics and communication

Some of the new features include:

  • "Like" shows agreement with a post.
  • We also added a “points” system. Posts that earn “points” through likes and other reactions are “promoted” or pushed to the top, so the most helpful posts are more visible. Earning points also helps users earn badges.
  • We have improved Bookmarks and individual bookmark pages
  • We added updated avatars
  • “Accepted Answers” replaced “Solutions”
  • “Ask a question” starts a new question - button is now located on the home page or within categories

We have a page set up for understanding how to register, post and navigate the site.

So take some time and take a look around. There is a lot to take in. We would also like you to share any feedback about the new site. We welcome positive comments as well as constructive criticism.

Thanks for participating!


The Spectrum Community Team

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