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How to revert to previous channel listings?

bdenegarbdenegar Posts: 1 Spectator
edited August 2022 in Spectrum Archives: 2020 - Present Aug 06, 2020

When I launch the Spectrum app it defaults to "All Channels" instead of previous channels?. The app used to default to the last channel list. This has been an issue with many folks since a software release earlier in the year. When is this problem going to be fixed?

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  • Julia_RJulia_R Posts: 4,661 Contributor
    Aug 06, 2020


    Good morning! What device are you having this issue on? I am using a iPhone and do not have this issue. I tested multiple options, premium, TV shows, Favorites. Once I log out and log back in I am still sorted this way.


  • ZardathZardath Posts: 4 Spectator
    Aug 21, 2020

    Hello, I am having this issue as well. In the last few weeks, on start-up, the Spectrum app no longer starts on the channel that you were previous watching before you last closed the app.

    Not only this...but it reverts the entire "Filter By" to "All Channels", instead of the "Favorites" that I always use.

    Before this change, the Spectrum App used to "remember" and return you to the last channel you were watching (and the last Filter By category) as well.

    Would you please look in to this and hopefully correct this? Thank you.

  • LGTLGT Posts: 141 Contributor
    Aug 21, 2020

    These problems began with a Spectrum app update for the Roku back in Sept 2019.

    People have made various comments in the last 11 months but to be honest nothing has been done. In fact some of their attempted fixes have actually made things worse.

    At this point I have just accepted that this is what it is and learned to live with it. The app is pretty stable for me so I just live with all the user interface problems. At least I am not paying $10 a month for a box for each of my 3 TV’s.

  • Julia_RJulia_R Posts: 4,661 Contributor
    Aug 21, 2020

    Good morning. While it did change you should have the option to change back to that. I have seen a few people using Roku TVs having issues with this but all other Rokus have not been a problem to set that power on channel.

    From the Preferences section in Settings, users can turn the feature ON or OFF. When the feature is OFF, the “Manage Startup Channel” option will be disabled or removed. When the feature is OFF, users will see their last tuned linear channel upon next startup (current functionality).

    When changes are made in the settings, you will have to close out of the app or browser completely and then reopen for those changes to take place.

    To manage the Startup Channel you will want to go to the Preferences section in the settings. This setting is device specific so if you want this on different devices you have to set them up in each. If this is not what you are seeing please send a PM to Community_Help with some details about your device and we can research that.

  • mnkerstensmnkerstens Posts: 2 Spectator
    Aug 25, 2020

    I do not have the options shown. For both my roku 3, model 4200x and my Roku streaming stick + model 3810x, if I highlight the spectrum app and hit options, the only options I have are remove channel, check for updates, give feedback and close. The spectrum version on both devices is 6.2, build 2, which is up to date. The Roku version on both devices is software version 9.3.0, build 4194-50, one was updated 8-7-20 and the other 8-8-20. I cannot find the last channel option you show in order to turn that function off. Any suggestions are appreciated. Currently both devices start up in channel 1, the spectrum channel.

  • mnkerstensmnkerstens Posts: 2 Spectator
    Aug 27, 2020

    Thanks, worked like a charm!

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