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Spectrum Should Show Links to Digital Tier 1 and Digital Tier 2 Channels in TV Options

Satch Posts: 5,328 Contributor


I am submitting a Feedback Request. There is a little known option that Spectrum has that is not advertised concerning their TV options. It is not a Spectrum Select, Spectrum Silver, or Spectrum Gold Plan. But it IS possible (or at least used to be, because I know people who have done it) to do your TV choices Ala-carte and to COMBINE Digital Tier 1 and Digital Tier 2 to your services, What this combination will do is the following:

1.) It is very very close to the Gold Package, The only difference is that there are no Premium TV Channels in this plan and to my knowledge Spectrum Sports Pass Channels are not included either. But if you don't care about premium movies or sports, you can combine Digital Tier 1 and Digital Tier 2 in your TV plan and everything except any premium channels or Spectrum Sports Pass.

2.) This might be a recommended option for customers who feel that Spectrum Select does not provide enough TV options, but they think, "I don't really need any premium movie channels" so I don't need Spectrum Silver."

3.) The downside though is that it is not a part of a discounted package plan. So the juggle question is between Spectrum Silver if you want HBO and Showtime added and MOST of Spectrum's offerings. OR you don't care about premium movie channels at all, but you want close to the Gold Plan without premiums or the channels in Sports Pass.

If Digital Tier 1 and Digital Tier 2 can be combined, I wonder what is the better value? Spectrum Silver or Combining Digital Tier 1 and Digital Tier 2? I realize that some stations may vary by community, but it would be cool to have links to Digital Teir 1 and Digital Teir 2 channels to see what customers get if they can combine them.



  • ddeerrff
    ddeerrff Posts: 154 Contributor

    When I first moved from my TWC account to a Spectrum account, I subscribed to the 'basic' or whatever they call it and added digitier 2. Only way I could get the Science Channel. A couple months later, I added digitier 1 to pick up a few other Discovery Network sources.

  • LadyH
    LadyH Posts: 6 Participant

    I'm sorry you didn't hear about it sooner. :( Here is a link to what is called 'The Channel Line Up," were all the packages are advertised, so if you want to see what she is talking about, take a look.. (

    Step 1: Find the orange square on the left that says 'Channels By Package.' and click it.

    Step 2: Select Digit Tier 1 or Digit Tier 2 from the list. The channels for each tier are listed out. There are about 50 channels in each tier

    Step 3: Understand that each tier is about $12+ tax. Depending on your situation, you may be able to go with a Digit Tier or both Digit Tiers and save money.

    Note: Before making any changes, make sure you understand the Channel Line Up tool. If you need help, you can contact Spectrum or we can try to walk you thought it.

  • LadyH
    LadyH Posts: 6 Participant

    You are going to pay slightly less if you choose the Select package and then both Digit Tiers than if you would if you choose Silver. The advantage of Silver is the bundling of the premium channels.

    Select+Digital Tiers (Select+$24+tax) vs Select+Silver (Select+$25+tax)

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