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Need to adjust APN settings

DeeArrDeeArr Posts: 4 Spectator
edited September 2022 in Spectrum Archives: 2020 - Present Sep 16, 2020

I am a new Spectrum Mobile customer with a new iPhone SE (2020), purchased directly from Spectrum. I have activated the phone and am using the Spectrum-supplied SIM card for my new iPhone.

ISSUE: I cannot send MMS (photos via text) to Android users. I cannot send SMS or MMS group texts to groups containing Android users.

A few years ago, I switched carriers from Verizon to Google Fi. To send either SMS or MMS to Android, I had to adjust the APN settings to Google's. Problem is, I don't have access to change my APN settings -- they're removed from my iPhone.

I spent THREE AND A HALF HOURS on the phone with three different Spectrum reps and three different Apple reps... Spectrum tells me it's Apple, Apple tells me it's a carrier issue (it IS a carrier issue). Spectrum reps don't have the ability to make the necessary changes, so they keep having me reset my network settings, toggle MMS and Airplane Mode (DUH) deac/reac (which disconnects me and I have to call back... AGAIN). This is not isolated - my husband, with the same phone model, is having the same problem.

I need the following resolution for this issue:

Access to APN settings on my iPhone

Confirmation of the correct APN settings for the Spectrum network:



Multimeda message port:

APN type:


Best Answer

  • DeeArrDeeArr Posts: 4 Spectator
    Oct 19, 2020 Answer ✓

    This issue was resolved by Tier III support (thank you, Tracy, for your persistence). Basically, when I transferred everything from my old iPhone 6 to my new iPhone SE 2Gen, an unknown setting from my previous carrier was retained. The fix was as follows:

    1. Back up my new iPhone SE to iTunes/iCloud
    2. Complete a factory reset on my iPhone SE
    3. Configure as a brand new phone (e.g., DO NOT restore from backup)
    4. Import my contacts from iCloud backup

    Setting up the phone from scratch meant I lost all of my text messages, BUT... the issue with SMS messaging is resolved.


  • James_MJames_M Posts: 3,953 ADMIN
    Sep 16, 2020

    Did you port the number from Google Fi and when was the port completed?

  • DeeArrDeeArr Posts: 4 Spectator
    Sep 16, 2020

    Number was originally generated by Verizon 23 years ago, and was ported to Google Fi in 2019, and then ported to Spectrum in Aug 2020.

  • James_MJames_M Posts: 3,953 ADMIN
    Sep 16, 2020

    And just to confirm, the issue is only impacting group texts to Android users? Is data, voice and texting to other carriers working? Does single texting to Android users work?

  • DeeArrDeeArr Posts: 4 Spectator
    Sep 17, 2020

    Only group texts to Android users and individual SMS texts to Android users are affected. I can send SMS messages to iPhone users. I can send texts (non-photo) to Android users without problem, as long as it isn't a group text.

  • James_MJames_M Posts: 3,953 ADMIN
    edited September 2020 Sep 17, 2020


    Thanks for the reply. I sent you a private message requesting some additional information so we can have our mobile team follow up with you. When replying to the private message, please also confirm that group messaging is enable under settings on your devices. Thanks again!

  • Community_HelpCommunity_Help Posts: 25 Moderator
    Oct 19, 2020

    Thanks for the update!

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