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Error code GGU-9005; GGU-9001

cake Posts: 7 Participant

I get these error codes when I try to view other episodes of a show On Demand.

Example: I found the show Patrick Melrose On Demand from Showtime. I clicked on the icon for the show. It brought me to a menu to choose an episode. I clicked on Episode 1. After I watched it, I wanted to watch episode 2. It didn't automatically turn on that episode so I went back to my library. Clicked on the Show icon- then I got the error code GGU-9905 after I clicked on 'browse episodes'.

I was able to 'Browse episodes' prior to watching episode 1.

So I contact chat support, no help after everything was turned off and refreshed. Still wasn't able to tell me what the code meant.

So then I went to SEARCH to find the show and start all over. Got another code: Search wasn't availabel code GGU-9001

Can anyone help?

To clarify- I am able to browse episodes for other shows on Showtime, just not for Patrick Melrose.

I watch TV from the cable box on my Vizio TV.

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  • James_M
    James_M Posts: 4,706 ✅ Verified Employee Moderator
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    Hi, error codes that end in "9000" typically reference a service that is unavailable. This can reference an issue with the guide, locating the program or the program itself may be unavailable. In all cases, the network determines the availability of programming. In some cases, a network will offer one or a few episodes OnDemand and the remaining episodes are exclusively available on the partner network streaming app.

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