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Improve Block Unwanted Callers and Block Anonymous Calls/Enhanced Block Anonymous Calls features

CableBillCableBill Posts: 6 ✭✭✭
edited February 11 in Digital Phone Feb 11, 2021

Hi Spectrum. When enabled, these features state that they will play “The party you are calling is not accepting calls at this time” and "We are sorry. The party you are calling does not wish to talk to callers who block their numbers. If you wish to reach this party, please hang up and place your call again without blocking your number" respectively. 

Can you please improve these features so that they drop the call automatically without first playing these audio messages? Because by playing these message, this signals to the robo-calling machines that they've reached an active number and they will just still keep calling from different numbers that are not currently blocked. Ex: 888-888-1234 calls. They do not get thru but instead get the audio message. That machine now knows your number is an active number. The machine just switches to the next number in their "automated rolodex" and begins calling you from 888-888-1235 instead. Then let's say you block the 1235 number, they will then move onto calling you from 888-888-1236.....and wash, rinse, repeat.

I've heard that after calling a number and getting automatically hung up on a certain number of times, the robo-calling machines considers a number as non-active and drops it from their calling lists (not sure how accurate this is, but still I think it'd help if their calls are automatically dropped versus playing the audio messages). Thanks. 

Accepted Answers

  • James_MJames_M Posts: 2,659 ADMIN
    Feb 11, 2021 Accepted Answer


    You are correct, when you block calls, there is an automated message that gives the caller an opportunity to adjust their settings and call back. This is intended for callers that may have their caller ID as anonymous, for example.

    Sounds like the call feature you are looking for is "Call Guard". This feature rejects calls that are identified as robocalls. You can enable Call Guard by navigating to settings in Voice Zone.

  • SatchSatch Posts: 3,991 helper
    edited February 13 Feb 13, 2021 Accepted Answer


    The names for Call Guard are:

    1.) Call Blocking- Should be ON- Blocks robocalls and telemarketers so they can't leave a message,

    2.) Caller ID Alerts- Should be ON- Alerts Spectrum Voice Call Guard customers with "SPAM RISK" identification, for numbers that could be fraudulent calls or services.

    Login to "My Account and Voice Services" to manage your Spectrum Landline Phone features.

    If you are getting Spam/Robocalls that are coming through, where the phone rings and they are able to leave a message, or even if the phone rings and they hang up, use the Spectrum Phone Spam report page to report numbers, doing your best to fill in the information about the problem number(s.) This helps Spectrum improve the new Call Guard services.

    Spectrum Phone Spam Report Page:



  • SatchSatch Posts: 3,991 helper
    Feb 12, 2021


    Expanding on what @James_M said, if you go to Call Guard in "My Account" Voice settings, you will want to make sure that Call Guard and Spam Guard are both set to "On."


  • CableBillCableBill Posts: 6 ✭✭✭
    Feb 13, 2021

    Looks like I do in fact have Call Guard enabled, however I did not see anything called Spam Guard. It just feels like I still get a decent number of calls from random unfamiliar numbers and it gets annoying. Thanks for the info though.

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