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How to flag a post that needs attention from a moderator

James_MJames_M Posts: 2,753 ADMIN
edited March 24 in Community Instructions Mar 17, 2021

While we strongly encourage peer-to-peer support within the Spectrum community, there may be times when a customer posts an issue that needs moderator attention. Examples may include a service issue where customer account information is required, recognition that a community member needs an issue escalated, or violation of the Community Guidelines. We are always appreciative of any help in identifying any customer issue that may need additional assistance..

Our moderators have the tools and resources available to troubleshoot, escalate and resolve any customer issue.

In these situations, any logged in member can select the "Flag" icon (located in the lower left corner of the post, a screen shot example is included below) to report an issue. You will be given the option to "Report", which will launch pop up window with the original post. From there you will be asked to give a reason for flagging the post. In the “Reason” field, please detail the reason why you are flagging the post. Select the "Send Report" button and the moderator team will be alerted.


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