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Yes! You Can Still Use Nomorobo With Spectrum Call Guard!

Satch Posts: 5,418 Contributor


I know several people who have tried it and it REALLY stops the telemarketer and spam calls! All you will be doing this time that is different, is that you will need to visit Nomorobo's site, test your phone number, than Nomorobo will give you instructions on how to turn on Simultaneous Ring in your Spectrum, "My Account." After turning on Simultaneous Ring in Voice Zone settings, go back to Nomorrobo's site and test your phone! You will now be protected with BOTH Spectrum's Call Guard and Nomorobo! Here are the detailed instructions below:

Setting Up Nomorobo with Call Guard

1) Login to Nomorobo (or sign up here.) Go to Spectrum for your Voice Provider if you need to sign up.)

2) On the top you should see the Dashboard, Your Phones, Report A Number, Your Account

3) Click Your Phones

4) You should see your Spectrum phone number. On the right of that it may say protected but you need to test it to be sure. To the far right you'll see 3 box options. Click the middle one which is Test.

5) Click I'm Ready, Call Me Now (Do not answer your phone when it rings, let it ring through)

6) When it's done, it should say it's protected. If not, it'll give you an option to set it up. Click on the Instructions link.

7) You should see instructions that tell you and give you the option to login to your Spectrum account. In the instructions it will tell you exactly how to set everything up.

8) When you get to the instruction part to enter in the Nomorobo phone number into your Spectrum account under Add Phone Numbers to Simultaneous Ring List, be sure to click Add to Simultaneous Ring List after entering the Nomorobo phone number. Click Save Changes.

9) Retest your phone number again in Nomorobo and it should tell you it's now protected unless you incorrectly set something up in the instructions.

I have both Call Guard and Nomorobo on/activated in case anyone wants to know. Hope this helps everyone out!



  • Satch
    Satch Posts: 5,418 Contributor
    edited May 2021


    Here is a great interview with the developer of Nomorobo! His points illustrate why Spectrum should always keep Nomorobo at least as a back-up-option. Call Guard is not good enough in most Spectrum markets to stand on its own.

    Having both systems, Call Guard and Nomorobo activated will provide telemarketer and robocall technology protection from Spectrum that other companies can not match.

    The interview is from about four years ago when we were still Time Warner Cable, but the points he makes are very important:


  • Fisherman
    Fisherman Posts: 133 Contributor

    Yes, noticed that Call Guard was not working well so I re-enabled NomoRobo and I'm back to almost no scammers getting thru, other than those who spoof local numbers. I took care of that problem by running VZ56K on my desktop with a modem and setting it to block all calls from my local prefix, but allowing certain specified numbers within my local prefix to ring thru. Since the app first checks for allowed numbers within my local prefix before blocking them, it works great! What a godsend!

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