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Using Apple TV app go directly to channel

ae6dx Posts: 2 Spectator

If I know the channel number I want how can I go directly to it using the Apple TV app? I have a URC remote control with numbers to control the Apple TV.


  • LGT
    LGT Posts: 144 Contributor

    I assume you are using the Spectrum App on an Apple TV device. If this is the case there is no way to do this. The Spectrum App is not designed to do this on any of the platforms it works on. That is just the way the app is designed.

  • ae6dx
    ae6dx Posts: 2 Spectator

    Thanks. What's the best way to navigate to a specific channel?

  • LGT
    LGT Posts: 144 Contributor

    Some where in the settings you can select how you want the channels displayed. Either by channel number or network name. If you are used to the numbers vs the names you can change the setting to sort by numbers. The complaint that people have had about this is that if you want to go from channel 2 to channel 1301 it takes a lot of scrollling.

    You should also be able to set up favorites to eliminate channels you never watch which lessens the amount of scrolling. A third thing is you can use the recently watched option which keeps the last maybe 5 or so channels in a queue you can scroll through.

    Unfortunately the app has some bugs and some of these features might not stick, at least that is true on my Rokus. Don’t actually have an Apple device, so you might have better luck.

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