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How do I setup auto pay ?

reesetwb Posts: 1 Newcomer

how do i set up autopay

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  • James_M
    James_M Posts: 4,824 ✅ Verified Employee Moderator
    Answer ✓


    Here is a link to Set Up Auto Pay (Automatic Payment) that goes through the process, step by step. If you scroll to the bottom of the link, there are also some related articles that you might find helpful.


  • baodn1948
    baodn1948 Posts: 1 Newcomer

    how do i set up auto pay

  • James_M
    James_M Posts: 4,824 ✅ Verified Employee Moderator


    Directions for auto pay are in the link above. If you have trouble with the link or have additional questions, please let us know.

  • spotts1935
    spotts1935 Posts: 1 Newcomer

    I do not want to use autopay - I prefer to pay manually

  • William_M
    William_M Posts: 1,154 ✅ Verified Employee Moderator


    Auto-pay is completely optional, except for our mobile service which does require auto-pay with a valid payment method on file.

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