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Outbound Caller ID Issue

Charbear Posts: 4 Spectator

I have 4 lines all ported from Verizon. Two of the members tell me that, when they call someone, Caller ID shows my name as opposed to theirs. They clean this happens when they call other mobile phones or a landline. Spectrum says that is impossible when they are calling another mobile line but they did say it might be possible when they were calling a landline. Either way, after two calls and an hour with Spectrum support, Spectrum basically said we can't change anything for you other than to try to make there outgoing calls show "wireless caller".

I'm guessing on the mobile to mobile, it's probably because the recipients have saved their phone number under my name, which I believe happened early on we were with Verizon. However, they swear it happens when they call a mobile number that they have never called before. They also claimed it happens when they call a landline.

Sadly, it does not appear you can change the caller name for outbound caller ID on Spectrum like you can with other carriers. Does anyone on the Spectrum Community have any suggestions on how to fix this? The ones with problems are about ninety years old, but pretty good with tech, but do not live real close to me.

Would a possible solution be to just remove these two lines for my plan, therefore removing them from the Spectrum system, and then adding them back on? I'm not sure if Spectrum clearly told me that most ported customers and any brand new customer to Spectrum that was not ported, would have no caller ID show up on an outbound calls, that it would only show wireless caller. What does the community say? Thanks!

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  • James_M
    James_M Posts: 4,821 ✅ Verified Employee Moderator
    Answer ✓

    Good morning,

    We have limited access to mobile accounts, and contacting Spectrum mobile directly is usually suggested for most support issues.

    If I am understanding your question correctly, it is correct that caller ID will show "wireless caller" and the number assigned to the line. Removing the lines from the account would result in also losing the phone numbers. The same phone numbers would not be able to be re-added, new numbers would be assigned and it would not resolve the issue. I believe the best solution for this issue is to update the contact information associated with the phone number on the mobile devices so it will read with the desired name when calls are received.


  • Charbear
    Charbear Posts: 4 Spectator

    TY James. I only posted here after exhausting conversations with Spectrum support. Here is where I think we are (all when calling from their mobile). Recall, the people in question are my parents and their friends, most of which are 90+ years old.

    Calling to a landline. My name shows up on the recipient called ID. Spectrum said this was because my name was associated with the phone number when it was ported from Verizon. Spectrum said we do not have the ability to edit my name and change it to theirs, either locally or at the Spectrum level. They can only change it to say "wireless caller". This does not really help as these are elderly people who do not answer calls from people they do not know.

    Calling to another mobile phone. They said my name shows up on the recipients caller ID. Spectrum said that was not possible as they only broadcast "wireless caller" and never a name. They said the only reason my name shows up is that the recipients had all previously had saved my name against the parent's phone number. I really doubt this is the case as we are dealing multiple with 90+ year old recipients, all of which say the same thing "we have not saved you son's name as a contact against your phone number. We would not even know how to do that".

    Spectrum is likely to lose us as Customers over this as other carriers (Verizon for example), online I can change what shows on both landline and mobile caller ID. They are ready to leave Spectrum because of this.

  • Heather_T
    Heather_T Posts: 121 Contributor

    Thank you for the additional information. I definitely understand your concern and do sincerely apologize. Our mobile service Caller ID currently will only display as Wireless Caller. Unfortunately we do not have specific caller ID feature available at this time.

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