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Why is my mobile network failing while residing in a 5G service area

oakvalley9 Posts: 9 Spectator

I purchased two new Galaxy A32 5G phones from Spectrum Mobile online and had them activated 3 days ago 11/26. Both devices have lost cell service multiple times simultaneously while at home with very good cell tower coverage in my area. I have phoned customer service using WiFi to have the problem addressed. On the first occurrence technician activated the devices by performing some magic on his end. Now I am told to 1) turn off WiFi; 2) toggle Airplane Mode ON/OFF. 4GLTE usually lights up with this action. WHAT IS WRONG? Are these Samsung phone defective? It is suspicious that both phones suffer at the same time.


  • Randy_S
    Randy_S Posts: 514 Spectrum Employee

    Hi @oakvalley9 ... Thanks for bringing this hear. I have seen an alert right around the time you posted saying some customers were experiencing call failures with both inbound and outbound calling. Is your issue just happening this afternoon or over the course of the past three days?


  • oakvalley9
    oakvalley9 Posts: 9 Spectator

    I didn't leave the house Fri, Sat, Sunday. Used wifi all this time. Sunday evening decided to test google maps offline. Discovered had no mobile service. Phoned SM, did their magic. Lasted for about an hour and then again "Not registered on the network" message while placing a call. Phoned SM, instructed to Trouble Shoot, Airplane Mode toggle. Today Monday (day 3) wife's phone lost cell service - she didn't know - missed important call while out. A big problem is your phone is in your pocket or purse and you don't know you've lost service. Worried that these cheap -$300 - Samsung A32 5G phones are defective or have poor antennas.

  • oakvalley9
    oakvalley9 Posts: 9 Spectator

    Just Lost service AGAIN @ 5:36PM 11/29. Both phones. Beaumont, CA 92223. Toggle Airplane mode reconnects. These devices are going back tomorrow. Never had this problem with ATT and Motorola phones.

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