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The Weather Channel - Local Feed or National?

bill730 Posts: 26 Contributor

I have a general question on whether I should be seeing my local Weather Channel feed or not when using the Spectrum TV app for Apple TV. Since I've been using the Spectrum TV app, I've seen feeds for Statesboro, NC, Columbia, SC, Auburn, NE or the generic national feed. I've placed a few tickets in off and on for this, but the issue has never been resolved. My local feed that I see using the cable box is from Duluth, GA, which is the location of the local headend in my area.

The fact that I do sometimes see local feeds from other locations suggests I should be getting a local feed. I know someone else has posted he sees the generic national feed in the St Louis area after receiving a distant feed, so I'm not the only one who has had this issue.

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  • Satch
    Satch Posts: 5,224 Contributor
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    Hello @bill730 ,

    I seem to vaguely remember your issues with Weather Channel feeds. From my experiance, the local feed, (or lack of it as in your case) would be determined by your head-end. You might experiance local neighboring cities within a 10 mile radius of your node But if you are getting different states on the local broadcast, something is wrong. It could also be that Apple TV runs on a different OS than the cable box, and this is something that needs to be resolved within the Apple TV App parameters.

    I would suggest contacting the Weather Channel through some of their social media platforms, and give your zip code when you talk to them, saying that you have Spectrum Cable, and that the Apple TV app is not picking up your local broadcast feed. Weather Channel should expidite this to the appropriate tech personell to get this fixed. This might be an issue where Weather Channel and the specific Spectrum engineers in your division node may need to exchange information to repair this problem.. Additionally, getting other people to report this will expidite this issue through the chain of command. Keep us posted!



  • bill730
    bill730 Posts: 26 Contributor

    Hey @Satch - I actually did contact them at one point and they said since Spectrum controls who sees which feed, Spectrum needs to resolve the issue. They did confirm that my local feed via their Intellistar equipment should be Duluth, GA. I do see that feed when using the cable box, but not when using the app. They weren't sure of the process that Spectrum uses to deliver the local feeds via the app, but confirmed they have no control over it.

  • bill730
    bill730 Posts: 26 Contributor

    It looks like some of my regional sports channels are in the wrong region, too. I could try placing another ticket, but I think the problem is there is uncertaintly where the ticket should go. Anyone have any ideas?

  • nelsonjw
    nelsonjw Posts: 16 Participant

    I'm the one who's mentioned before that I'm getting the national feed on The Weather Channel streaming near St. Louis. Though in the last week or so I, too, have been getting the Auburn, Nebraska feed. I suspect it has to do with the geolocation only set up to handle L-TWC headends.

  • bill730
    bill730 Posts: 26 Contributor

    @nelsonjw - I reached out to support this morning and said they were still working on the issue. It's funny we both see the same random feed. The geography nerd in me had to look up Auburn, NE - it's a town of only ~3,500.

    I don't know whey they can't link to our local feeds, especially for ones that serve a large geogrpahic area. The feed in my area serves most of the North Atlanta suburbs plus nearby Gainesville and Athens, GA.

    I assume in your area, they could use a St. Louis feed.

  • JB946
    JB946 Posts: 2 Spectator

    Same problem. Started three days ago. I noticed that one TV using the latest downloaded Spectrum App, a new Samsung NEO QLED QN85A, and all of my Windows 10-based computers I've run the Spectrum TV App on are all using a geolocation in north-central NC (Henderson) as the base for reporting local weather while I'm located in the midlands of SC (Sumter). My other TV is a 2011 UN55D8000YF Samsung Smart TV that doesn't support installing the Spectrum TV App. That TV has the last cable box digital receiver connected receives the correct Sumter SC weather updates (scroll bar and 10-minute 5-day weather updates).

    This is definitely the App, not the router or modem (I've checked both). So, Spectrum, we have a problem that only your tech support can resolve. I'm opening a Spectrum support ticket this afternoon as well.

  • bill730
    bill730 Posts: 26 Contributor
    edited December 2021

    @JB946 are you seeing Henderson, NC local weather inserts, or the national feed? I believe you are in a legacy-Time Warner Cable area, so they should be able to fix it for you. I think Henderson, NC was in a legacy Charter area, so it's interesting that locals would be available there through the app. There's been a trend that people in legacy Charter areas don't get the locals, but people in legacy Time Warner/Brighthouse areas do. I received a note from support yesterday that said "local weather isn't guaranteed for Charter" Considering how many years it has been since Charter acquired TWC, there should be a standard system wide.

  • JB946
    JB946 Posts: 2 Spectator

    @bill730 it's fixed on both my new Samsung Smart TV and on my Windows 10 TV App.

    You are correct, I'm a legacy TWC cable user. Your assessment is also spot on regarding the mashup of legacy Charter users and occasional breakdown of local content although this is the first time that the Weather Channel has leaped to another location in a very long time for an extended period. In the past, it switched to national content. Finally, you're absolutely correct that after a decade there should be a standard system-wide to avoid these kinds of problems. To answer your first question, I was seeing the Henderson, NC weather inserts about 275 miles north of our location for about 4-5 days. Our experience is usually pretty good considering all the mergers and consolidation that has occurred in this industry in the last 20 years. I think TWC legacy customers fair better than smaller cable organizations swallowed by the bigger corporations. IMO - TWC did pretty badly supporting their customers in the last 12-18 months of their existence. Charter (Spectrum) has done a very good job fixing the technical infrastructure mess they inherited here in SC.

    I appreciate your feedback...

  • bill730
    bill730 Posts: 26 Contributor

    @nelsonjw - did your feed switch back to the national feed? Mine is back to the generic national feed and was wondering if they made the same change for other Legacy-Charter areas.

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